About Us

Premium Drift Garage was started by a group of people who never found joy in what they were driving until it had been modified in some way.

Tyler Alexander

Born and raised in Cartersville, GA, Tyler has always been known for doing his own work and modifications to his cars. Many come to him at Premium Drift in hopes that he will in some way be able to help them also get into the car scene. His hard work shows in the beautiful s13 coupe "Lucifer" he has been building for now two years and has stirred up talk over how powerful the motor will end up being. One thing is for sure, you will hear him coming though.

Michael Alexander

Also born and raised in Cartersville, GA, Michael is the owner of the shop and also the father of Tyler. He controls what vehicles go where and where the tools are to be located. Being more of an American Muscle kind of person, he has built his reputation through being able to rig almost anything to work on a vehicle long enough to get new parts ordered and installed. Michael is best known for driving around in his truck "Ol' Red" which is a 1963 Chevrolet Pick-up handed down to him by his father. The truck's heart consist of a 454 with side pipes to make sure when she fires up, you hear Ol' Red going.

Steven Massey

More of the exotic and European kind of drift car person we have Steven Massey. Steven is best known for driving his MKIV Supra. While it is just a 2j and not the 2jz (inside joke) the car still turns heads everywhere it goes. Steven is more of the cosmetic person and makes sure a vehicle looks sharp but always insists that a 2jz would work better over any other motor.