Follow the Build

Shop mechanic Tyler Alexander began with a standard s13 Coupe with the hopes of building it into something he could take to the track and drift. On this page you will be able to follow the build and see the parts he put into his beloved "Lucifer" as he calls it.

It began with installing golden parts shop max pro coilovers

The next two steps were more of appearance modifications where Lucifer was painted a plum purple and given 15" rota wheels

When it finally came time for Lucifer to earn something a little faster Tyler thought back on a previous build he had done with a s13 which had a JDM SR20 red top motor.(pictured below is a burnout which took place on a mountain in Pigeon Forge)

We were able to track down the car that he had previously built with the SR20 and buy the motor and the 5-lug conversion kit off of the seller.

After about a month of pounding on the SR20 the motor finally began to lose compression and Tyler found himself without a motor again. Upon Disassembling the motor he found the problems to be warped cranks, pistons, and rods. In simpler terms, a cooked motor that needed to be rebuilt.

It was now that it was decided to build the SR20 motor into a motor powerful enough to go drifting and hang corners like needed to be.

Parts for the build of the entire car consist of:

  • Max solid subframe mounts and solid differential bushing
  • Keisler automotive angle kit
  • 5-lug swap
  • Extended studs
  • SR20 bored to SR22
  • Decked block
  • Turned and polished crank
  • Eagle H-Beam forged rods
  • Wiseco 9:1 forged pistons
  • Tomei 3 layer metal head gasket
  • Decked head
  • Brian Crower valve springs
  • Brian Crower retainers
  • Brian Crower Valves
  • Full valve job
  • Freddy(knockoff Greddy) intake manifold
  • Tomei M8270 turbo
  • 750cc injectors
  • Full stand alone ecu
  • The most recent piece to be added to the build is a pignose bumper and lip.

    For more information or to contact the management of the build, please contact Premium Drift Garage at