Sessions for 2016 and 2017
Date Session Preseenter 
September 24,2016 DISC Personality Profile (4 hrs) Linda Breeden (SPHR)
October 22,2016 Impression Management(2 hrs)

Listening ( 2 hrs)
Joe Mullins, Assistant Professor

Diane Petty, Online BBA coordinator
November 12,2016 Mediation ( 4 hrs) Marcia Hair, Adjunct Professor


  1. January 28 ( With backup date for Febuary 4th in case of bad weather)
  2. Febuary 25( With backup date for March 4th)
  3. March 25( backup date April 1)
  4. April 8th

Sessions Include

Many of our students are first generation college students and more than half of those students are women. Our retention rate is around 60%. Often these students lack self confidence in their abilities, appropriate communication, and leadership skills. With additional workshop opportunities for self-development these students could be encourage to engage in more leadership roles and seek employment where the can become leaders in their fields. Students may not know their strengths/weaknesses, how to brand themselves, handle conflict, or develop emotional intelligence but training in these areas could lead to empowerment of women on campus as well as lead to improved professionalism in interview of jobs or taking on new roles in their student life or careers..

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