A little bit about me:

I am Thomas May. I have watched every movie that you always say you don’t have time to watch and I have binged every TV show you claim you are too busy for. One day, I hope to write for one or both as a screenwriter. Until then, I am a Media Writing major. I also frequently write code for websites, create illustrations for t-shirts, and of course: write.

Write every day. If you find yourself quitting long projects like novels, start off with something shorter like a poem. Never share an idea before you’ve finished it. It only makes you less inclined to finish it because you’ve already received the attention and interest like you had finished it.

Aside from writing, I also enjoy camping and hiking. North Carolina (hiking section of tourism site here) is my favorite place for both and I visit as often as I can. Comic books and their respective movies have become a great love of mine. I would also deem myself a “Kanye apologist," because as unfortunate as it is, defending my favorite musical artist has become a large time-suck of my life, against my own will.

Lastly, I am a thorough digester of finely made food.

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Myself and a friend, Forrest

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NC hike I took with some buddies

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Me in front of NBC studios

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My girlfriend and I in Central Park

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